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Separating a New Kitten From The Mother

Posted on 15th June, by Jennifer M. Cline in Before Adopting A Kitten. 1 Comment

Adopting a new kitten can be a very exciting time. And for many people – the smaller the kitten is, the better. As our new kitten grows up, we often think – If only they could stay this small forever.

There is conflicting information about when it is safe to take your new kitten from her mother. Some experts say 6 weeks, some say 8 weeks and others say as old as 12 weeks. The reality is – it’s really dependent on the specific kitten. While the feline may be able to survive without her mother as early as 6 weeks, it is probably a good idea to wait a bit longer.

Before taking your new kitten from her mother, here are some things to consider:

A mother cat will help your new kitten learn to socialize. Spending time with the mother … Read More »

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