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How To Find A Lost Cat

Posted on 20th April, by Jennifer M. Cline in Personal Experience. No Comments

Last night, my adorable little Dixie managed to sneak outside as I let our dog inside. The curious Siamese has recently realized that the outside world is filled with exciting things. Even though we work hard to ensure she stays inside, last night we were faced with a disheartening situation – a lost cat. I didn’t immediately notice that she had snuck out and though that I closed the door quickly enough. But she’s a sly feline.

By the time we discovered that she had escaped, Dixie had about a half hour head start. Because she’s never really explored outside, we had no idea which direction she would go. After nearly two hours of searching for her in the dark, my boyfriend and I became very discouraged. I gave Dixie’s food bag one last crinkle to entice her with the … Read More »

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