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Lessons Learned by Adopting a Kitten

Posted on 26th July, by Jennifer M. Cline in Before Adopting A Kitten, New Kitten Advice. No Comments

Adopting a kitten can be an exciting event for everyone in the family. Many parents consider adopting a kitten for their children as a way to teach responsibility. It’s important to wait until your kids are old enough to truly understand the lessons with adopting a kitten. Experts have varying opinions on this. However, most agree that children should not adopt a pet until they are at least five years old. At this age, children are excited to help with feeding the animal and have a full understanding of how to properly handle an animal.

Adopting a kitten can be a great way to teach your children real life lessons. Here are four valuable things that you can teach your children with kitten adoption:

Time Management

After adopting a kitten, your new feline friend will likely adapt to the schedule of your … Read More »

Adopting a Kitten this Spring

Posted on 24th May, by Jennifer M. Cline in Before Adopting A Kitten. No Comments

It’s spring time and you know what that means – kitten season! Mating seasons for cats generally starts early spring and can go until the end of summer. For felines, heat cycles usually repeat every two or three weeks, until the cat is spayed or gets pregnant. So for anyone thinking about adopting a kitten, now is the time!

Adopting a kitten in the spring and summer is great because shelters are often overcrowded and financially strained during these months. Helping out your local shelter is very rewarding. Additionally, many cat owners neglect to spay or neuter their animals and are left with unwanted kittens.

When a person is adopting a kitten, there a variety of factors considered to select the perfect feline friend. Some people prefer a particular breed or color, while others are attracted to the unique personality of … Read More »

Preparing My Home For My New Kitten

Posted on 25th April, by Jennifer M. Cline in Before Adopting A Kitten, Personal Experience. 3 Comments

Because I already had a cat in my house, I thought that I was pretty well prepared for a new kitten. I quickly learned that the needs of my 13-year-old feline friend are drastically different than that of the three month old kitten I was bringing home.

Get the basics

Already having a cat helped this a bit; however, there were a few items I needed specifically for the new kitten. My new kitten friend, Dixie, needed different food, her own eating dish and tons of toys.

Kittens require food designed specifically for them. Kitten food is high in protein, helping with the kitten’s growth. Luckily, the shelter that I adopted my new kitten from gave me a ziplock bag of dry food and some cans of wet food.

Also, kittens want to play with anything they can get their paws on. Because … Read More »

Preparing Your Home for a New Kitten

Posted on 13th April, by Jennifer M. Cline in Before Adopting A Kitten. No Comments

Before adopting a new kitten, it’s important to prepare your house for the new mischievous fur ball. Kittens love to play and it’s your job to make sure they are safe.

Get the basics

Stock up on basic items your new kitten will need. Check with the shelter or pet shop where you purchased your new kitten friend to see what supplies they have been using for the kitten. For a smoother transition, use the same food and litter that the kitten is used to. Changing litter can cause your new kitten to be confused and new food may make the feline sick. Make sure you get plenty of toys, food and water dishes and a litter pan. Other things you may want to purchase for your new kitten include scratching posts, beds and kitty treats.

Designate a Spot for your New … Read More »

Questions to Ask Before Adopting A Kitten

Posted on 21st February, by Jennifer M. Cline in Before Adopting A Kitten. No Comments

Adopting a kitten is very exciting event. Watching the little fuzz ball run around, playing with toys and getting in to everything –what’s cuter? Within all of the excitement, it’s important to be realistic about the responsibilities of adopting a kitten. Before making the commitment, here are some important questions you need to consider.

Why are you adopting a kitten?

It’s important to ask yourself this simple question and make sure you are adopting for the right reasons.

If you are adopting a kitten simply because you saw a cute one while walking through the mall’s pet shop – you should probably put some more thought and hold off on the impulsive adoption.

Some people think that adopting a kitten is a great way to replace a cat that recently passed away. While the loss of a pet is sad, getting a new kitten … Read More »

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