Preparing Your Home for a New Kitten

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Before adopting a new kitten, it’s important to prepare your house for the new mischievous fur ball. Kittens love to play and it’s your job to make sure they are safe.

Get the basics

Stock up on basic items your new kitten will need. Check with the shelter or pet shop where you purchased your new kitten friend to see what supplies they have been using for the kitten. For a smoother transition, use the same food and litter that the kitten is used to. Changing litter can cause your new kitten to be confused and new food may make the feline sick. Make sure you get plenty of toys, food and water dishes and a litter pan. Other things you may want to purchase for your new kitten include scratching posts, beds and kitty treats.

Designate a Spot for your New Kitten to Feel Safe

Kittens are small creatures and can sometimes scare easily, especially when adjusting to a new setting. Pick a low-traffic room and let your new kitten claim it as his/her safety zone. The first few nights, the kitten may want to be closed in the room to help limit the intimidation of a new place. If you have other pets or small children, this is especially important. Many new kittens may get fearful of unfamiliar animals and people and will go in to hiding to feel safe.

It’s a good idea to use the room where the litter pan will be so your new kitten can get familiar with where the restroom is. Also, if you have purchased a bed for your new kitten – put that in the safety room. If not, give the kitten some blankets or towels to sleep in.

Kitten-Proof Your Home

It’s amazing where kittens can squeeze in to.  Close any holes in the walls that may lead your new kitten to dangerous places. Also, make sure every furnace vent has a cover on it. Toilet seats and closets should remain closed at all times. If you are concerned about your new kitten friend clawing your couch, get couch covers and make sure there is a scratching post in your home.

Put away anything that will be hazardous to your new kitten. Cleaning supplies should be put somewhere out of reach. Wrap up dangling cords. Remove any plants that may be poisonous to kitties. These include, but are not limited to:  ferns, all lilies, aloe, poinsettias and philodendrons.

Cats will play with just about anything, so if there are small items that you don’t want your new kitten friend to fool around with – make sure you put them away! Leaving pens, jewelry, hair clips and other small objects scattered around will likely lead to your kitten playing with them. Don’t get angry at the kitten if you notice your favorite necklace has been hidden under the couch – simply use that as a reminder to keep small things in a safe place.

When bringing a new kitten in to your home, keep in mind – this isn’t just an adjustment for you. In many cases, the kitten is leaving the comforts of mom for the first time. Be patient and help your new fluffy friend familiarize with the routine of your home.

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