Preparing My Home For My New Kitten

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Because I already had a cat in my house, I thought that I was pretty well prepared for a new kitten. I quickly learned that the needs of my 13-year-old feline friend are drastically different than that of the three month old kitten I was bringing home.

Get the basics

Already having a cat helped this a bit; however, there were a few items I needed specifically for the new kitten. My new kitten friend, Dixie, needed different food, her own eating dish and tons of toys.

Kittens require food designed specifically for them. Kitten food is high in protein, helping with the kitten’s growth. Luckily, the shelter that I adopted my new kitten from gave me a ziplock bag of dry food and some cans of wet food.

Also, kittens want to play with anything they can get their paws on. Because of this, it’s a good idea to stock up on toys. Again, the shelter gave me a few small toys. I thought they had given me enough, but I soon realized that a small mouse, a bell and one ball did not satisfy Dixie’s playing habits. After a day of trying to find where Dixie had hid the toys, I realized I needed several other playing options for her.

Designate a Spot for the New Kitten to Feel Safe

When Dixie arrived at my house, she was a very timid kitten. She had little interest in exploring her surroundings and really just wanted to cuddle up next to my boyfriend and I on the couch. We decided to keep our new kitten in the cat carrier for the first two nights to help her adjust. We put the cat carrier in our extra bedroom, which is where the litter box is. Even after the first two nights in the carrier, Dixie sought out secure places to sleep. For the next few nights, we found her sleeping in the corner – next to a collection of stuffed animals. We’d pet her to remind her that we weren’t scary people and let her continue sleeping in that spot. Gradually, she realized that sleeping in the bed is cozy and now she sleeps with us almost every night.

Kitten-Proof Your Home

I haven’t had a new kitten in years, so I didn’t remember how much they love to eat, play with and do things they aren’t suppose to.

I knew to do some obvious steps to keep Dixie safe. I closed the closets and the toilet seat. I am still learning to put away jewelry, hair clips and pens though. More times than I can count, I have caught my new kitten friend running through the house with a necklace or my favorite pen. Dixie quickly slides under the couch and drops the object, as though she has won. Every time I vacuum, I find a collection of small objects underneath my couch. It’s a constant process – reminding myself to put things away so my new kitten can’t get to them.

Dixie loves to explore and constantly finds new places to hide and climb on, but I’ve done my best to remove any immediate dangers within my house. Learning my new kitten’s habits is a continuous process and it’s important for me to do everything I can to help her in a happy, healthy growth.

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