Adopting a Kitten this Spring

Posted on 24th May, by Jennifer M. Cline in Before Adopting A Kitten. No Comments

It’s spring time and you know what that means – kitten season! Mating seasons for cats generally starts early spring and can go until the end of summer. For felines, heat cycles usually repeat every two or three weeks, until the cat is spayed or gets pregnant. So for anyone thinking about adopting a kitten, now is the time!

Adopting a kitten in the spring and summer is great because shelters are often overcrowded and financially strained during these months. Helping out your local shelter is very rewarding. Additionally, many cat owners neglect to spay or neuter their animals and are left with unwanted kittens.

When a person is adopting a kitten, there a variety of factors considered to select the perfect feline friend. Some people prefer a particular breed or color, while others are attracted to the unique personality of the cat. Whatever reasons help you decide which kitty is right for you, there is a huge selection of kittens to choose from throughout spring and summer months. When adopting a kitten, always check out to locate the perfect feline for you.

Always remember, adopting a kitten is a huge responsibility. They are great pals, but always require a financial and emotional commitment. Also, be sure that your home is fully prepared for your new feline friend before bringing her home. Are you adopting a kitten this spring? We’d love to hear your story!

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