I have been a cat lover since my diaper days. The older I get, the more I try to be active in the kitty community. I have volunteered at several animal shelters throughout the years, adopted and fostered many feline friends and written articles to help encourage adoptions from local shelters.

I am the proud owner of two beautiful kittiesMissy is a white, blue-eyed feline. She’s nearly 14 years old and a bit crabby in her old age. She’s been my pal for over half my life and I look forward to her cranky meows. Dixie is my new addition to my family. She will be 1 year old in April and was adopted from a shelter. I have always wanted a Siamese cat and Dixie has surpassed every expectation I had for the breed. I also have a friendly pup, Candy. She’s a beagle mix and about 5 years old.

I love animals and knowing everything I can about them. There is an array of websites designed to inform people about cats, but I’ve never found one to quite fit my needs. Any time I search the Internet for kitty information, I am directed to a different website. Why can’t all of the information be found on ONE source?

AdoptingAKitten.com is designed to help you through your journey of cat ownership (or should I say – cat friendship), teach you important information on raising your feline and letting you read about my experiences with my feline friends. I’ll include cat facts, adorable pictures and enjoyable videos along the way.

Thank you for checking out AdoptingAKitten.com.

I hope you have a purrrrr-fect day.

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